Sierra Nevada Signature Properties


Utilizing the Sierra Game Plan and expert market analysis, Sierra Nevada Signature Properties (SNSP) will target clientele to optimize the buying and selling process.

The most sellable aspects of each property will be emphasized and put directly in front of buyers through a multitude of resources ranging from the local MLS® and new listing sheets, to digital marketing and a nationwide network of professional real estate contacts. Sellers are kept apprised of all developments, offers are promptly presented, then progress is closely monitored so any issues that may arise are mitigated quickly to ensure a seamless closing process.


Each home listed within SNSP must meet stringent qualifying points to be considered, not just a price point. This allows buyers to rest assured that their dream home has been well scrutinized, and they are indeed investing in the best of the best.

Once offers are received, professional representatives are there negotiating on each seller’s behalf to make sure they get the optimal price and terms. All paperwork is overseen by experts so nothing slips through the cracks. Homes are listed at no additional cost to the seller, and buyers can seek out and negotiate their next home at no cost through SNSP.

Sierra Nevada Signature Properties strives to make finding a luxury property stress- free. They know from experience that goals can be attained. They’ve helped countless individuals and families achieve their dream home over the decades and welcome them as part of the ever-growing community.